Dating What is Speed Dating?

Speed Datinginitially became popular in the West Coast of the United States, and later spread all over the world.
Speed Dating is hosted in a relaxing environment, together with a variety of games and activities. The participants can have a chance to meet many new friends from the opposite sex and broaden their social circle in just a short gathering. Each of the participants can get about 6-8 minutes to talk to each member of the opposite sex alone, so that they can get a chance to meet all the members present.
After the event if the two sides agreed to exchange contact information, we will contact both sides by email each other’s contact details, so to avoid any embarrassment moments during the meeting time.


Dating in HK What is Table For Eight?

Table for Eight (Table for Eight dinner / afternoon tea) is hosted in a more natural and relaxed environment, so you can meet different friends at a gathering. The main purpose is to broaden the circle of life and match together predestined people. Generally designed for four men and four women, dating location are normally suited at a luxury restaurant. Participants can exchange contact information freely with each other at the end of the party.
Table for Eight is seen to have a higher chance for meeting the right one, compared to the One-to-one pairing, and is a lot more popular!